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Passenger Elevator yang kami tawarkan terdapat beberapa kategori standar yang dibedakan berdasarkan dari jumlah lantai dan kecepatan yang diinginkan oleh konsumen. Passenger elevator dari kami juga memiliki keunggulan, dimana disamping dari ukuran standar yang telah kami berikan, Passenger Elevator kami dapat menyesuaikan ukuran ruangan yang ada, dimana untuk ukuran-ukuran diluar standar dapat dikonsultasikan terlebih dahulu kepada bagian teknis kami.

Terdapat beberapa fitur standar yang ada pada Passenger Elevator kami, dimana fitur-fitur standar tersebut sudah memiliki tingkat safety yang cukup tinggi untuk pengoperasiannya. Fitur-fitur tersebut antara lain:




Door Safety Edge

When a passenger or an object touch one of these safety edges the elevator will stop and the door at the point of contact will reopen immediately

Overload Device

The Car Overload Device prevents the elevator doors from closing while a lift is loaded beyond its rated load capacity and simultaneously sounds a warning buzzer as well as providing visual indication.

Emergency Exit

When trapped inside the elevator, passenger can be push out the emergency exit in the top ceiling and the elevator will be shut off

Exhaust fan

For the ventilation inside the car on the top of ceiling


Lightning inside the car on the top of ceiling


When the alarm/emergency signal button inside the car is pressed, the elevator telephone automatically establishes a connection with the alarm centre or a pre-programmed alarm recipient. At the same time, the position of the emergency call device is communicated

Emergency Car Lighting

Car lighting that turns on automatically upon power failure to illuminate the inside of a car using a battery for Emergency Car Lighting.

Out of Service switch in Car

The Elevator can be use manual for maintenance

Features Descriptions
Automatic Rescue Devices (ARD) During the normal power failure, the ARD converts stores energy from it bank of rechargeable batteries to the nearest floor and open the door to let passenger out
Fireman Emergency Operation Fire Emergency Operations that is started in case of fire Operation Switch located in a hall. After the car has arrived at the Return Floor, the car can be used exclusively for fire fighting and rescue operations
Car Arrival Chime A chime to indicate that a car will soon arrive to inform waiting passengers at each floor
Optical Doors Safety Device A safety device to prevent passengers from being caught by the doors, using infrared that detect passengers around the car entrance. The doors reverse and open if a passenger or baggage in a hall is detected during door closing
Car Call Canceling A function where Car Calls that have been made for bypassed floors and are still effective when the car arrives at the last floor are regarded as mistakes and collectively cancelled
Operating by Emergency Power (Source – Automatic) Emergency Operation where elevators are operated with an emergency power source during power failure using the building generator. When the elevators car arrives at the specified floor, the door will open to allow passenger out and than elevator will shut down
Non-Service to specific Floors A switch located in the Service Cabinet of the Car Operating Panel, with which Non-Service to Specific Floors can be set for any desired floors. This function is automatically deactivated during Emergency Operations
Duplex Control Two elevators receive external calling signal at the same time, and unified management is carried out by system to raise operation efficiency of elevator.
Elevator Group Control System The control systems that manage systematically three or more elevators in order to efficiently transport the passengers artifical intellegence and fuzzy logic. Most of the EGCS’s have used the hall call assignment method to assign elevators in response to passenger’s calls
Control Function of ID Card For special requirement, the ID card can be used to identify the status of passenger, and also, it can be used for timing charge
Hall Lantern Hall Lantern on each floor will flash to indicated elevator car arrival and service direction to passengers waiting at the elevator lobby
Door Nudging Feature A function where doors close automatically along with a warning voice and a sound when the doors have been kept from closing for a certain length of time
Door Hold Open Feature Opens the door, reverses the door, and keeps the door open for a specified adjustable door hold time
Supervisory Panel This is a monitoring panel located in the security room that displays the status of all the elevators operating in the bulding including flooring location, travelling direction, in/out of service etc



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